with Johnny and Dr. Lara Fernandez

You’re tired of being single. However, you don’t want just any relationship.
You want to be with your one true love – the one who makes your heart sing anrd your toes curl.

Now you’re speaking our language… because THAT just happens to be our mission on this planet – to bring you together with your sweetheart.
We know how because we did it.
Now, we’ve come to take you there with us – to the warm, wonderful world of soulmate love…


Dear Spiritual, Single Extraordinary Woman,

Do you feel like your whole life would be so much more enjoyable and amazing if you just had someone special to share the journey with?

Does the thought of “getting out there” and dating more make you want to throw up your hands, crawl into your sweatpants and big, baggy t-shirt, plant yourself on your couch and watch “When Harry Met Sally” with a pint of your favorite ice cream?

Do you keep attracting the same guy in a different body – over and over again – and don’t know why? (And you’re really, really done dating that guy…)

Do you dream of waking up every day in the warm, safe, committed and loving arms of your soulmate? (Mmmmm….yummy.)

If you have found your way to this page and if you’ve said “Yes” to any of the questions above, then keep reading, because your entire life (not just your love life) is about to change for the better.

You may have a suspicion that something different – something better – is possible in relationships. That true love is possible…but all you’ve ever seen around you were drama filled, “please love me, don’t leave me,” or boring, “I’d-rather-be-alone” relationships.

You never even SAW soulmate love live and in person, so you don’t have a real vision of soulmate love. The world’s a little short on role models, that’s for sure…

Well, you’ve got them now.

We are Johnny and Lara Fernandez. And while it’s true that we are a gloriously happy married couple, soulmates and partners in life, we each remember when this life that we live right now was only a dream, and a distant one at that.

Lara here – and I’ve been where you are right now. Not too long ago, I was single, divorced and looking for love. I remember the feeling of going to dinners with my friends and being the only single one there (not fun), and all the lonely Saturday nights by myself (that I did everything I could to avoid by staying as crazy busy and “booked” as I could).

I remember the disappointment of having yet another relationship end painfully, and worse…the fear that something was wrong with me. In fact, I remember walking into a party with my first husband and him saying, “Must you always be – too much?” This is an exact quote, girlfriend!

That fear that I was “too much” for a man (or not enough – sometimes that painful thought would crop up too) kept me on a hamster wheel of dating for the all wrong reasons. And dating the wrong type of men for me.

I had had my share of mediocre and just plain BAD relationships- that was something that I was VERY familiar with. One night, after a particularly painful breakup with a man I had been certain was the love of my life, I made a decision.

I was either going to find my soulmate or be a cat lady. One or the other. From that decision, I attracted the right mentors and the right lessons – and began the journey of self-discovery and opening myself up for true love and the life of my dreams.

That one decision changed my whole life forever! I attracted Johnny, my beloved. We met and fell madly in love and have been together now over 12 years now. I truly am living the dream with him!

We are both very clear that our union was the result of conscious intention. It was on purpose, not relying on luck or chance. We both had mentoring and support to attract each other. And now we’ve been teaching what we did to hundreds of women over the past 8 years.

Johnny here, I felt alone. I remember that. Just…so…alone.

When I got divorced I felt like I was on my own and back at square one. I was frustrated with myself, and at the whole idea of love and relationships. I thought women were the problem, but I just hadn’t found the right woman for me.

For awhile I thought that “true love” was BS and everyone who said they were happy and in love were full of it. After a well meaning friend told me how I would probably be alone another 10 years based on my past (my childhood wounds and my divorce), and probably never have children – well, that’s when I woke up.

I decided to DO something very different. I began following a system (I didn’t know it at the time) and ended up attracting and being attracted to the woman of my dreams, Lara. I never knew love could be this way.

You see, it wasn’t just chance or luck. We followed a step-by-step path, a system – and we found each other. People noticed us – how we actually loved being together – pretty much all the time. And we have FUN together to boot.

Before we even fully understood exactly how we had attracted each other, lots of people around us started asking if we could teach them how THEY could find the right person for them. They were so OVER the single life, OVER the duds, OVER the months and years going by without their sweetheart.

At first, we helped Lara’s girlfriends. When one after another found their soulmate (they are all still together today), we began to wonder if this was just our system, or if other Soulmate couples had taken similar steps toward each other?

Turns out every soulmate couple we talked to or read about followed the exact same plan (or one that was very similar). But everyone thought it was their own thing. Nope. This was a step by step path, a system that anyone could follow. That’s when we realized that all those requests Lara got to teach how she intentionally and consciously attracted me just HAD to be shared in some organized way.

When we said yes to this we realized that this was one big reason we were together – to create more divinely connected couples and bring Soulmates together.

We’ve been to so many of our clients weddings and baby showers, and we know what we’re doing works. That’s why we are offering YOU an invitation to join us in a BIG SOULMATE LOVE PARTY


The Love Breakthrough Course

Imagine what life would be like if the man of your dreams was madly in love with you. Your business or career is really solid and you are prospering. Your health and fitness is at an all time high, and you are glowing with vibrant energy. Your whole life is being lived at a high vibration, and you are livin’ the dream.

Breathe it in, it is possible!

After working with hundreds and hundreds of women from all walks of life, helping them step into their power, and attract the man of their dreams, we decided to put the consciousness shifting and Soulmate Love attracting power into a telecourse that’s easily accessible by single, spiritual and successful women all over the world.

Since it’s called the “Love Breakthrough” Course, let’s paint a picture of the breakthrough.

Love Breakthrough Module #1
Wash that man right out of your hair &
work in a soulmate love treatment.

Experience forgiveness and closure around relationships that have affected how you see yourself. This feels GREAT and will help you open the door for your Soulmate to come through. With that you are going to create a new “love agreement” inside of yourself, so you can let go of repeating the same pattern once and for all. After this week, you will truly begin to feel room for Soulmate Love inside of you.

Check out these powerful words spoken by a successful woman after completing the first class of the Love Breakthrough Course last year:

Just wanted to say that tonight I finished the first class and am so aware of all the emotions that the family work churned up. Yet, at the end after I took a shower, as Lara suggested (good idea), I felt quite a lot of self awareness and found the stuck place during writing the exercises. It surprised me – that I believed I was not allowed to be happy, nor was I allowed especially to be happy with a man, or, my parents, who adopted me, would be upset and feel I loved someone more than them. It was amazing to realize how powerful the pull is to ‘just work’ and not have fun, not have a great man and a happy, successful relationship. Whew! And Wow! This was powerful work – thanks Johnny and Lara for all the work you have put into this course for us to ‘take off’ with!
Love Breakthrough Module #2
Turn on the good love and life magnet &
BE the woman of your dreams.

You have a power inside that your Soulmate is looking for. When you turn this on, you start to feel great right away, and the world will begin to reflect back some “you’re awesome” validation immediately – like closer relationships, more clients, more professional success, and more energy.

How do you see yourself? How do you do relationships? This session is where most people get one of their biggest breakthroughs. In this session, you will learn the Five Relationship Mirrors, so that you can stand in your strong, confident, open hearted and welcoming radiance as you attract your Soulmate.

Read what one amazing, spiritual woman said after last year’s Week 2 class…

I finally did the exercise from class two. After that … now I have trust, I have boundaries, I make great choices, I love me and I am my number one priority. Now I am free. Peace and love now flow into and out of me. My sister read my release prayer and she wants to know what I am doing so that she can do it too. Yeah!!!
Love Breakthrough Module #3
New You, New Rules, New Relationship…
Create a “new normal” for yourself.

Ah, the movies certainly teach us nothing of Soulmate relationships. In this week, you’re going to create a new “normal” for yourself around love. This week will have you not only expecting to attract Soulmate Love, but flipping an internal switch that makes the “old” kind of not-so-great relationship something that just isn’t in your vibration anymore!

Take a look at what one of last year’s participants said after experiencing Week 3…

I listened to Session Three last night in my bed before falling asleep. I know I have to listen to it again, journal in hand–it was that deep. I did all the exercises and I must say I felt tears streaming down my eyes. But when I got to burst that bubble, I felt like screaming ‘I AM FREE.’ I now realize that I don’t have to ignore my emotions, I just have to let them surface and trust that I can handle them in the best way. Thank you Lara and Johnny!
Love Breakthrough Module #4
Keep your soulmate vibration high.

It’s easy to get off track from time to time, we all do. In this final week, we’re going to reveal the 5 Key Practices to Cultivating Your Soulmate Consciousness. Having these practices in your “toolkit” for life will help you sustain your results from this course. We will also share some next steps to take to further activate your connection with your soulmate and living your best life right now.

Here’s what one strong, Soulmate minded woman had to say after the fourth and final class of the Love Breakthrough Course last year:

Hi & Thank You Lara & Johnny for this Course! It’s been like a miracle! Thank you also for the Fourth Class, I felt it so deep in my souls and I think I got so many ideas for myself, for my future, that have been inside of me for such a long time and it feels so good to have you supporting me and giving tools to get my personal growth further, every day. I’ve heard each class more than twice, taking notes carefully and trying to be so open that I could see and feel everything that comes up for me. Thank You & Lots of Love to everyone taking this course!!
Included with this course – you will get:
  • FOUR 90 minute Course Session Audio Recordings with Lara and Johnny. You’ll get all the information and deep, transformative insight you need to prepare you to not just change your love life forever – but to experience a true breakthrough.
  • FOUR Recorded Q & A Sessions with Lara and Johnny.
  • ACTIVATION Practices for Your Love Breakthrough, with specific love action steps for each course session. Knowledge and information are nice, but if you want to create a breakthrough, you need an action plan. Consider this your roadmap to achieving the love breakthrough you’re looking for.


Here’s just some of what you can expect to learn and experience by participating in the Love Breakthrough Course…
  • The one powerful thing you can do RIGHT NOW to remove the sense of lacking from your life and relationships
  • What Soul Space is, and why it’s the most important type of space you can cultivate when you’re pursuing your connection with your Soulmate.
  • Why you may accidentally be pushing your Soulmate away at an ENERGETIC level, without even knowing it.
  • What the 5 Relationship Mirrors are, and how they can lead you to new, more empowering beliefs and improved relationships.
  • What role the ego plays in your Soulmate Journey, including the 4 Aspects of the Soulmate Love Ego and how it affects your Love Breakthrough.
  • How to courageously and deeply explore your inner self in order to break through to your true self–your Soulmate Self–in a new, empowered way.
  • The REAL reason you may be running into trouble with commitment (or as we like to call it, the “c-word”!).
  • What Ancestral Love Programming is, how to become conscious of it, and how this all affects your ability to connect with your Soulmate.
  • A powerful guided visualization (led by Lara) that will help you unveil and release your hidden negative beliefs and start attracting love now.
  • The 5 KEY PRACTICES to cultivate your Soulmate Consciousness
  • Love Breakthrough HOME Practices that will keep your Breakthrough Momentum going strong, and help you commit to Soulmate Love (and YOUR own Soulmate) at the DEEPEST levels in the days and weeks following the course.


Two powerful audios available for INSTANT ACCESS, where we ‘lift the veil’ and give you an uncensored look into people’s journey to soulmate love…
  • Behind the Scenes with Johnny And Lara: The little-known secrets of success in love

    You’ve heard us talk a lot about soulmate love and how our clients found it – now its time to turn the tables and let someone put US under the spotlight so you can find out in this interview of us what it takes to live the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side.

  • Real Life Journeys to Soulmate Love with Two of our Happy Graduates: How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams With Your Soulmate By your Side

    Discover the real life – warts and all – journeys two of our clients took to find their soulmates and build the life of their dreams. Find out what its REALLY like to work with us and what it takes to become truly magnetic to your soulmate.


We know that what brought us together wasn’t luck. It was intention. We sit here together every day, so grateful to have found each other. Even though we’ve been together for over 12 years now, we’re still so in love – and actually more in love with each other every day.

What would it do for your life to have your Soulmate at your side? To have someone who sees you and loves you more deeply than you’ve ever experienced for exactly who you are – right now?

Your Soulmate is also someone who will always be on your side, regardless of the ups and downs you experience in life. Just “being in a relationship” doesn’t guarantee this…but when you’re with the RIGHT person – your Soulmate – you go through everything together. It changes your whole life. No matter what else might go wrong, you’ve got each other’s back.

Not only will this course transform your life, but the lives of people around you. Your whole community will be positively affected by the choice you are making right now to consciously create an extraordinary love experience for yourself and your Soulmate.

We’re here to support you, guide you, and walk you through this process step by step. It’s our honor to lead you to a divine life with your divine love.

We received the heartwarming comment below from a lovely woman who poured herself into our last Love Breakthrough Telecourse. All we can say is, “You’re welcome!”

Thank you Lara and Johnny for this amazing gift you gave to all of us, and may your words be spread all over the world. Bless you!
“This sounds fantastic Johnny and Lara,
but I still have a few questions…”


“What if this just isn’t a good time? I’m totally busy right now.”
Honey, you’re always going to be busy. That’s life in the 21st century. It’s never a “good time” to do something different. And really, this program is just over 2 hours a week- A WEEK!- that’s an average of 20 or so minutes per day. C’mon. You’ll find the time for what’s a priority for you.

Tell the Universe that attracting your soulmate is a priority by giving yourself the gift of just a few hours a week to focusing on love. The Universe will respond in kind to your level of commitment.

It’s the same as in your career, if you have no space for new responsibilities, how can you advance, how can you make more money? Or in business – if you have no room for new clients, where do you put them, and how can you grow? Same thing here. Begin making room in your life by making the time for you, because it’s SO worth it when you’re with your sweetheart. You’ll see how profound making room in your life for yourself, your desires, and your dreams will make you INSTANTLY more attractive to healthy and magical loving experiences.


Our “This Course is Amazing” Guarantee

When you register for your Love Breakthrough Telecourse we know this is an important commitment to yourself. We take your commitment seriously and we commit to you 100%.

If you fully show up and work this program – and do not have at least one major a’ha or breakthrough by the end of the program – then we will refund your money, no questions asked. We want you to feel loved, supported, and inspired the whole way through.


YES, Lara and Johnny
I’m ready to have a love breakthrough!
Enroll Now
Now only $497:

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Isn’t now an excellent time to finally have a breakthrough in your love life? To finally align your beliefs about yourself and behaviors toward yourself and others with soulmate love?

This IS your prayers answered for some help. Now the change you have been looking for can begin now, all you have to do is say YES to yourself, and YES to YOUR Love Breakthrough!

Here’s to YOU, living your best life with your true love,

Dr. Lara and Johnny Fernandez

P.S. There is a man out there, right now, dreaming of YOU. This course is designed to bring you together, because it’s not just about you attracting your soulmate – it’s about him attracting you too. Register NOW.


Even more beautiful words from single, spiritual, successful women who joined us for the last Love Breakthrough Course…

I gave myself the time to relax and listen to Class #2 for the second time this morning. I really do have to listen to each one twice! In the past I’ve been known to say ‘Move on. Stay strong!’ when it comes to ending relationships. Although this may be true, I realize that I wasn’t doing myself any favours because I wasn’t dealing with the hurt I was feeling…..just squashing it. Now I really feel like I’m taking the time to process my feelings by acknowledging them which is giving me a sense of lightness. I feel good about myself for making it happen today. Smile!
I just wanted to share how I realized that the course is giving me much more than I thought. I realize now that I’m changing my way of seeing and analysing things and it has an impact on me AND the people around me.
I had some lovely epiphanies as I walked around the Lake and listened to the last class! I realized that in the past I’ve confused loyalty with commitment. I’ve been very loyal to my family, friends, and past loves, and relentlessly committed to my family and friends. However, I realized today that my loyalty to others eroded my commitment to myself and this hasn’t been cute! It has affected who I am in all my relationships, not just with the fellas! It came in and seductively combined with my fear of rejection and I lost me! And of course, this is in the past…I love this awareness.
I want to thank Johnny and Lara for creating a ‘love’ course that seems so in harmony with my own spiritual path at this point in my life. I’ve felt much more drawn to the inner work in the last two years and yet I desire that Soulmate relationship – and I was seeing these two things as in conflict rather than harmony…until now!
I must say again Thank You, because I feel much more concentrated on myself which feels easier than ‘trying to find my soulmate’ – which I of course want to happen, but now it’s going to be a surprise for me – the time & the place – because I have my personal growth that I’m focused in. In other words I have something interesting to do instead of ‘just waiting for him to show up’. I really feel that this way I am deeply committed myself to him by going further with my personal growth. Thank you so much!!
YES, Lara and Johnny
I’m ready to have a love breakthrough!
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Now only $497:

or 2 Payments of $249: